Freitag, 19. Juni 2015

Holiday paradise Maldives

We were really on our adventure : happy holidays Tunisia. Months before we booked the Hotel El Mouradi Skanes. Of course, not without studying beforehand some trip reports. And these reports were not understated, we found the spot a wonderful beach front and gorgeous large, bright rooms. The staff at the Hotel El Mouradi Skanes was very friendly and always up for a joke. The animation was very entertaining and yet not too intrusive.

We had many beautiful and relaxing days on the beach which was really Caribbean trip like 2016 Ferry Dublin Holyhead . A small boat tour took us tempted to snorkel, so we also were able to watch many more small colorful sea creatures. Besides swimming, we have in our project : of course tried Holidays Tunisia camel rides that you can make almost at every hotel on the beach. Our men have made a quad tour in the desert. That's easy, you just have to step on the gas and brakes. Even for the children, the leaders had to give small quads.

We had already booked luckily the hotel, the tour was very popular. But you should do it yourself photos, the photos are taken by a photographer that there expensive. For us women shopping in the Folla Center and the Bazaar Kobba in Skanes was of course exciting like Ferry Dublin Liverpool Coupon, here you can properly according to your mood be trading skill try it. Very funny is a small tourist train that travels through Skanes and saves the footpath. Especially fun and memorable, our kids loved the trip on the pirate ship.

However, one should be quite seaworthy at slightly windy weather. It Rocks then quite good back and forth, but of course a real pirate does not deter it. On the home island, there was still properly tasty pirate food for alle.Als advice I have to say that you should bring enough sunscreen on all things in any case, but there is much in the sun and the shadow does not offer much

protection. After we indulged ourselves in the plane, we have brought the fantastic landing behind us and are now safely arrived at our holiday island or the Maldives. For holiday destination we have chosen us Malé, an island and the capital of the Maldives with about 104 403 inhabitants.

On the tropical holiday weather in Hurghada we had to get used to. It was very hot, although we ended up in the evenings. We arrived, however, as the most experienced any Maldives holiday-makers, on the famous holiday island Hulhumalé. Even the approach was to consider a holiday experience for yourself, the wonderfully gliding among us Islands from the air, was uniquely beautiful and just amazing for the beginning of our dream vacation. Our daughter stuck formally at the window in order to miss even no looking back.

It was a long leave which should now come to an end, the friendly staff showed us to our room when we were so tired after a short welcome drink and a small snack that we just sleep first and wanted the next day do the rest.

Montag, 1. Juni 2015

Sport tournament in Brisbane

The next tournament in Brisbane then want my Thai training partner and I play together double. So tomorrow I then again ( clean room before coming Io ) freely and Thursday + Friday for the last time before it goes to Uni Io from Brisbane to Sydney with our van. It's gonna be awesome.
On the weekend we went with a group of 24 students to Fraser Iceland. After about 2 hours drive of Rainbow Beach has been reached where the world could be ferried by a small ferry to the largest sand island. Then it was 60km by 4WD“bus" on the beach to the north. Since I was lucky member of the last series, I was often thrown through the air. Although our guide Hayden tried us with one or sometimes with a“ Hold on - Seriously.“„ Hold on.“ To warn of the Huppeln but mostly it was there already too late and you hang hopelessly in the air. The first stop was the famous ship wreck on Fraser Iceland.
Fortunately, the sun was back at the right time like on Ferry Holyhead to Dublin and it could few cool pictures are taken. Next, we went to one of the many“ Creeks“ of the island. With this you could let yourself comfortable drive to the beach. There, also waiting the lunch on us. Afterwards a short hike was at a lake, which lay in the middle of a forest and sand. Finally, we went to the resort where we should stay ; Unfortunately, I was so impressed by the buffet that I 've eaten something about hunger and to fight at night with abdominal pain had.
Nevertheless, it was celebrated and admired the exaggerated many stars at night on the beach. A dingo on the beach and get a sudden bright shooting star made the night an adventure. The next morning it was already 8:20 on. And through a frozen toad in the bus, which had prepared ski Hayden also rose equal to the mood. The“paths" in the hinterland of the island were much worse than the beach and I was glad that I had drunk too much. First, a little walk was announced through a rain forest. Connecting it went to a wide lake with white sand on which could be relaxed.
After another delicious lunch like with good Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland , we went already back on the beach back to the ferry. The island with its wild animals and landscapes is really impressive. Back in civilization and paved roads I could actually even sit in the front cab. Unfortunately, the seat had no headrest and I discussed for 2 hours with Hayden about the meaning of soccer, football and rugby. Before the World Cup here is much more convincing to do. I hope with the help of the pictures you can make you a better picture of the island, because this is not easy to describe. So no, I am picked up by nem Thais for badminton training. I hope the guys have stuff on it.
I especially like there is a small cafe where there was to acquire typical pastries and cakes at reasonable prices. Such small cafes and restaurants can be found everywhere in Catania, Sicily. With my choice to spend my vacation in Sicily calculated in Catania, I spent most of the time even in the middle of one of the biggest attractions of Sicily. Because Catania is bursting Sicilian Baroque. Nowhere else can you see so many old buildings built from volcanic stone as that used in this region.
Once one has the chance to discover the region, a visit to Acireale, Caltagirone, Aci Trezza and Aci Castello is missing in the discovery tour in any case. As a special highlight, however, I felt the Baroque Noto stronghold. Who wants to take next sun, beach and sea and a little history and sights of home, is particularly well served in Catania. I think Sicily has nowhere so much worth seeing at once as in this region.

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

Nowy Swiat in Poland

On the way to the metro, I'm still trying to buy phone credit. Unfortunately, the woman has only 50 credit... that seems to me to be a bit much to start with. I now therefore get into the metro, get off at Ratusz and walk from there. And somehow I completely forgot how long this road was still the same.
To five to six I enter then said souvenir shop. The woman in it looks at me a bit annoyed, but let me go into the back room. There seems to me a type opposite, leaves the room and comes but when I look at the cards and remains standing in the doorway. And stares at me. I turn around several times, the guy does not disappear. And I could now ill ask him why he does so. Just about my Polish is then not. A little later another man comes into the back room and told me something in Polish. Of course I do not understand what he then will notice soon and says in English that they close now and I want to please leave the store in order to look for car Ferry Dover Dunkirk .
So I go out and think again: Where can I get this postcard? That can not be that hard. I run into Nowe Miasto still high ( Neustadt ), but even there I can not find anything. But I'll make it here, to buy me credit. I am so against the seller and stammer in Polish:“. Heyah I need... for... um... twenty zloty“ He understands me, he handed me such a card.... I 'm proud of myself and looked at Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam videos!
Then the idea: Nowy Swiat is but also a tourist area... also is there a tourist info... determined to get as postcards. So I through the entire Nowe Miasto Stary and Nowy Swiat to the back and up. On the Plac Zamkowy was then first fully the bike action. Full built many bikes and also some tents and boxes. Unfortunately, I was again not able to ask what's going on. That is, ask I might still can, but the answer I would not have understood.
So I Nowy Swiat the down. Unfortunately, far and wide to discover not a postal card business. I arrive at the tourist info over... closed. I'm beginning to doubt this city. Thats why I might take a car Ferry Dover Calais trip.
Sometime it 's enough for me. I from bending and put myself on the way to the metro Swietokrzyska. After I 'm gone hours through the city, I'm coming to a bookstore over... and... who would have thought... postcards! I 'll buy thirteen pieces. Later, it turns out that I had fifteen to buy, but I can catch up later.
My next thought: Starting to McDonalds in Warsaw. I want a cheeseburger now. Or even a Big Mac. Immediately! So I over the crossing over. And then when Mekken is a snake. Despondent fall off my shoulders. So I do not but for Mekken.
Now I find myself on the side of the road directly across from the Metro. And exactly at the moment the lights go out. A policeman directs traffic, cars honking and suddenly bike action! Quite a lot of cyclists. Hundreds. No chance to get to the other side of the street. Sometime I get it after all. And after hours of sitting Umhertingelns finally in the web. With wash gel, dish soap, balances and... yes... even postcards.

Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

big Erasmus party in Izmir

I have rarely experienced such a nonsensical tour. We took the bus to the center, run straight without further explanation by any museum, then land on the clock tower - also without any explanation - and then make a ten minute break. Just move on and then a hundred yards, to the police and there to wait another quarter of an hour. The International Office staff wanted to first ask what we need for the residence!
Incredibly, we are not the first Erasmus born there! So there was no residence permit. We then went to the bazaar and then with a few Germans along the AVEA shop. Even as a peculiarity of Turkey. If you buy a Turkish SIM and inserted into a foreign cell phone, you have to register his mobile phone and check ferry dublin holyhead..
And this branch it had then in itself. First, there was no one who speaks English. What is quite funny in a shop, where mostly foreigners appear because of their foreign mobile phones. But We had a German Turk, so no problem. This was true at least for the others, I was once again a special case. My entry stamp in the passport is not readable to one hundred percent. Also cheapest Ferry Cairnryan Larne looked good.
And the woman in the shop did not accept the now actually! It could therefore register all their phones - except me. I should not hesitate to foreign police and confirm the stamp somehow me there. And as if that was not been annoying enough, I then for the first time ordered the wrong food. Noodle casserole with many small mushrooms in a plus bad and expensive restaurant, which was very reminiscent of fast food. But well... we finally have indeed a great apartment!
Finally... the weekend was great, I 've since Thursday every day drinking beer (yes... on the frequency of many beers I rate from now on my weekends ), was always in the evening on the way, and yet... I wanted the orientation week finally begins. And now it was time. Considering that there are over 100 students in the Facebook group, they talked about the next cheapest Ferry Cairnryan Belfast trip.
Welcome Breakfast appeared. But it was great. Çay and coffee to drink, white bread, honey, cheese... all there. And I do not even eat breakfast so otherwise. The strengthening was doing quite well... but then we ran namely a half hours on the campus. On the one I have in retrospect still have no idea where that is and the Second... Was it hot today! The whole last free days only rain and no sooner have we program : pure sun. Would have been nice to go for the weekend, so I could have spent at least a day at the beach. That was, yes, but literally into the water.
During the subsequent joint sitting together then came the question: Where do you live now? And some think really after about setting up a WG. So do I. Because the rents are low in Izmir, just in our district - Bornova - and above all: We must receive visitors, come whenever we want and such jokes. We'll see if the next few days giving.
In the evening : big Erasmus party! And who is not listed? Right. I. Because I was the whole day just tired, had lain down and slept promptly. Small note, though: oversleeping means in this case to 21 clock. All the students have actually agreed already at 19:30 clock! I think I was never so early at a party. And I was actually even now continue not because I 'm so sleepy...

Dienstag, 10. März 2015

First Ferry Trip to Lituania

After about a hundred meters, an old building, the only one in the street that is not a prefab is at the end of the road. I first thought it was an abandoned Church and wanted to go on, until an elderly lady who was on the bus and had overheard that we want to the Institute, calls behind us. It gives us to understand that we are just about to pass it. The da?
I point to the old building. You nods and disappears with her dog in the undergrowth. And then there is me. The decorations in the House represent plants. When you open the door there is a staircase that is painted with floral motifs. Grapes and apples, spikes and all kinds of other fruits cause a portrait of a man in his image, his name is along the staircase. That must be it.
Here, a few kilometres south of St Petersburg, is the site of the Institute. Here is planted on an area of about one square kilometre, harvested, stored and preserved, what may seem useless at first glance, what could decide the fate of mankind but maybe once. As I look at the rather Ferry Liverpool Dublin coupon on.
Wheat which carries little grains, much to small apples, or oats, which grows so tall that he can easily be twisted by the storm. Raritären, exotic but also seeming banalities like the common wheat. The majority of the 330,000 seeds are for industrial agriculture not of concern. But for biologists of inestimable value. And every now and again but for agriculture.
Because among the varieties that store in Pavlovsk, including those stored in anywhere else in the world. And even those that are already extinct in the wild. Like for example the Chilean potatoes, over which Chile is very rejoiced when it got sent to you on request from Pavlovsk. Or the North American beans, which were wiped out by industrial agriculture and to broadcast again after could grow.
Or the Ethiopian grain, the after the post colonial turmoil only on the shelves at the Vavilov Institute was to be found in Pavlovsk and can grow well again in Ethiopia. It is not only a house full of seeds in a full field and fields, it is a certainty. It is sometimes a rescue in an emergency.
We were amazed not bad just like back in the Ferry Liverpool Belfast Test as we strolled through the monastery and its gardens and enjoy the looks left. But that was nothing compared to what we saw when we left the island at the opposite end over a wooden footbridge. After recently, we were faced with a rock wall in the 252 grottoes was hewn in 60 years lasting work as a whole.

Freitag, 6. März 2015

New in Rabe de las Calzadas

No mobilization, but Waking up to music. The next bed by Olli had his cell phone used as an alarm clock. He found, however, when the music started, neither his glasses, the cell phone. However, it was already 06.45 clock. At 0730 clock we went and had first orientation problems. We went only by 300 m on the right track, but were not sure whether the way is really on this road then. So we went back to the village and asked the first " locals ".
But that was an Italian who also sought the way. We are then back to the hostel and since we met a Spaniard, who showed us the two options of the captivity. We then have the simpler, elected to the National Road, which reunites after three km by another way. After a good half hour we were already on the first pass of the day.
The Alto de San Roque is according to a friend from Ferry Belfast Cairnryan prices 1270 m high. At 08.30 clock, we have taken into hospital in a beautifully renovated Meson breakfast. The villages are built typical of this area, fieldstone. It is also typical that the village roads are probably only from the rain or the streams that lead from time to time flood cleaned. You have definitely been concentrated to dodge the cow patties. To 09.16 clock, we arrived on the Alto de Poio, 1337 m high.
It was then for the first of the last real pass similar to Summer Ferry Belfast Liverpool . In Fonfria, a little village, we were on the edge of a farmer who just moved from the house to the barn asked to wait a moment. She came back from the house and presented on a plate covered a large stack of delicious crepes -like pancakes. With or without sugar, as desired. Of course, they then expected a Donativo. She also knew the German word for her "gift" to the pilgrims. We have given her a euro and got after she asked how many pilgrims from Newcastle still come, greetings along the way.
The other way consisted of sunken paths and sheep tracks and walked up the hill and down hills through a very beautiful landscape. Lunch break, we kept with Martin and Ronny in Tricastela in a village square with playground equipment. Since we had gone from the heights again to 670 m down. There were tomatoes, sausage and bread.
Then it went on, again over a small height of 900 m, through small farming villages and ancient village connecting roads, the Corredoiras. Rocky, steep downhill and uphill and through the cattle drive some very muddy. At 16:00 clock we finally arrived in Sarria and were on the way to the hostel which had campaigned very early on the access road, deflected by a young lady in her hostel.
It seemed as if these two hostels that are located on a street with each other the guests take away. We did not care where we found a bed. The house was very neat and clean, with a kitchen and washing machine. If we had wanted a room would have been to have two beds also. But we were happy with the standard offer. Except for the failure in Rabe de las Calzadas we are always good for this.

Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Monreal is a great place

The following path was quite difficult because it went up and down and the dew just would not dry. The loamy soil did the rest. Before Stiergut Olay, we decided not to go further on the sticky floor and are resorting to the parallel road and moved on to Izco. In the bar we bought water because the wells nothing blazes. Then we had to go through four valleys and over three hills with a lot of cattle on the farms until Monreal came into view. It was unclear as to which way we should go to the village.
But Olli always finds the correct turn. We came to the village over an old pilgrim bridge. The hostel was closed. So we went next door to the bar, it took some time until the operator is " outed " as a concurrent Hospitalera. The hostel was not closed. The door jammed. For this reason, but we had already enjoyed a beer enema before showering. Also I found a card of the Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam Boat.
We were able to complete the formalities then already and are welcome by the other pilgrims, occupancy of beds, showers and laundry hung on the " Carretera " went to dinner at a restaurant. 20.30 clock but was too late and we have returned to a Bocadillo pequeno and a few olives in the bar. There, the villagers sat in soccer and game boards. We took a bottle of wine and a bag of chips and are back to the hostel and looked at cheapest Ferry Rosslare Cherbourg offers for next year.
The diary had to be written. The other guests were a couple from Dissen aT, a pilgrim from Berlin, who had stayed before us in Arres, but had made on the way to Monreal a detour to Foz de Lumbier to view the vulture colonies and a grumpy older Hispanic.
Load bubbles I had now on both feet. In addition to pain but I had no march performance limitations. 130 km in four days with 13 kg baggage must surely be rewarded. In the hostel, the old movie theater is said to have been found. It is well renovated, in any case, even if everything is open up and pull any cooking fumes in the sleeping area.
The sullen Spaniard 's going on already at 06.00 clock. I have not heard since I was wearing the ear plugs from 02.30 clock. At night it was very warm and I took the opportunity, in the morning at 07.00 clock to go into the shower. Before I tested of course if there is hot water. This is not always the case, as is frequently turned off, the gas in the night.
A vegetable broth for breakfast, boiled water on the stove, and a small chat with the Dissenern and Berlin. At 08.00 clock, we started walking. Until after Tiebas the way was normal with slight inclines. We then decided to take the alternative but very well-marked route. It was also noted by large signs, only for the Camino de Santiago, on diversions due to construction on the Canal de Navarra. This channel is an impressive structure for irrigation of agricultural land.
There are newly created, some streets in the course of this building. Unfortunately, this also disappear historic tours of the Camino. Very dusty but despite traffic, very interesting. Macchiehaine, oak, gorse, heather and many flowers. In Muruarte de Reta we were finally able to pass under the motorway and then follow a more solitary way. Uphill and down hills with lots of sun.