Freitag, 19. Juni 2015

Holiday paradise Maldives

We were really on our adventure : happy holidays Tunisia. Months before we booked the Hotel El Mouradi Skanes. Of course, not without studying beforehand some trip reports. And these reports were not understated, we found the spot a wonderful beach front and gorgeous large, bright rooms. The staff at the Hotel El Mouradi Skanes was very friendly and always up for a joke. The animation was very entertaining and yet not too intrusive.

We had many beautiful and relaxing days on the beach which was really Caribbean trip like 2016 Ferry Dublin Holyhead . A small boat tour took us tempted to snorkel, so we also were able to watch many more small colorful sea creatures. Besides swimming, we have in our project : of course tried Holidays Tunisia camel rides that you can make almost at every hotel on the beach. Our men have made a quad tour in the desert. That's easy, you just have to step on the gas and brakes. Even for the children, the leaders had to give small quads.

We had already booked luckily the hotel, the tour was very popular. But you should do it yourself photos, the photos are taken by a photographer that there expensive. For us women shopping in the Folla Center and the Bazaar Kobba in Skanes was of course exciting like Ferry Dublin Liverpool Coupon, here you can properly according to your mood be trading skill try it. Very funny is a small tourist train that travels through Skanes and saves the footpath. Especially fun and memorable, our kids loved the trip on the pirate ship.

However, one should be quite seaworthy at slightly windy weather. It Rocks then quite good back and forth, but of course a real pirate does not deter it. On the home island, there was still properly tasty pirate food for alle.Als advice I have to say that you should bring enough sunscreen on all things in any case, but there is much in the sun and the shadow does not offer much

protection. After we indulged ourselves in the plane, we have brought the fantastic landing behind us and are now safely arrived at our holiday island or the Maldives. For holiday destination we have chosen us Malé, an island and the capital of the Maldives with about 104 403 inhabitants.

On the tropical holiday weather in Hurghada we had to get used to. It was very hot, although we ended up in the evenings. We arrived, however, as the most experienced any Maldives holiday-makers, on the famous holiday island Hulhumalé. Even the approach was to consider a holiday experience for yourself, the wonderfully gliding among us Islands from the air, was uniquely beautiful and just amazing for the beginning of our dream vacation. Our daughter stuck formally at the window in order to miss even no looking back.

It was a long leave which should now come to an end, the friendly staff showed us to our room when we were so tired after a short welcome drink and a small snack that we just sleep first and wanted the next day do the rest.

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