Dienstag, 10. März 2015

First Ferry Trip to Lituania

After about a hundred meters, an old building, the only one in the street that is not a prefab is at the end of the road. I first thought it was an abandoned Church and wanted to go on, until an elderly lady who was on the bus and had overheard that we want to the Institute, calls behind us. It gives us to understand that we are just about to pass it. The da?
I point to the old building. You nods and disappears with her dog in the undergrowth. And then there is me. The decorations in the House represent plants. When you open the door there is a staircase that is painted with floral motifs. Grapes and apples, spikes and all kinds of other fruits cause a portrait of a man in his image, his name is along the staircase. That must be it.
Here, a few kilometres south of St Petersburg, is the site of the Institute. Here is planted on an area of about one square kilometre, harvested, stored and preserved, what may seem useless at first glance, what could decide the fate of mankind but maybe once. As I look at the rather Ferry Liverpool Dublin coupon on.
Wheat which carries little grains, much to small apples, or oats, which grows so tall that he can easily be twisted by the storm. Raritären, exotic but also seeming banalities like the common wheat. The majority of the 330,000 seeds are for industrial agriculture not of concern. But for biologists of inestimable value. And every now and again but for agriculture.
Because among the varieties that store in Pavlovsk, including those stored in anywhere else in the world. And even those that are already extinct in the wild. Like for example the Chilean potatoes, over which Chile is very rejoiced when it got sent to you on request from Pavlovsk. Or the North American beans, which were wiped out by industrial agriculture and to broadcast again after could grow.
Or the Ethiopian grain, the after the post colonial turmoil only on the shelves at the Vavilov Institute was to be found in Pavlovsk and can grow well again in Ethiopia. It is not only a house full of seeds in a full field and fields, it is a certainty. It is sometimes a rescue in an emergency.
We were amazed not bad just like back in the Ferry Liverpool Belfast Test as we strolled through the monastery and its gardens and enjoy the looks left. But that was nothing compared to what we saw when we left the island at the opposite end over a wooden footbridge. After recently, we were faced with a rock wall in the 252 grottoes was hewn in 60 years lasting work as a whole.

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