Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

big Erasmus party in Izmir

I have rarely experienced such a nonsensical tour. We took the bus to the center, run straight without further explanation by any museum, then land on the clock tower - also without any explanation - and then make a ten minute break. Just move on and then a hundred yards, to the police and there to wait another quarter of an hour. The International Office staff wanted to first ask what we need for the residence!
Incredibly, we are not the first Erasmus born there! So there was no residence permit. We then went to the bazaar and then with a few Germans along the AVEA shop. Even as a peculiarity of Turkey. If you buy a Turkish SIM and inserted into a foreign cell phone, you have to register his mobile phone and check ferry dublin holyhead..
And this branch it had then in itself. First, there was no one who speaks English. What is quite funny in a shop, where mostly foreigners appear because of their foreign mobile phones. But We had a German Turk, so no problem. This was true at least for the others, I was once again a special case. My entry stamp in the passport is not readable to one hundred percent. Also cheapest Ferry Cairnryan Larne looked good.
And the woman in the shop did not accept the now actually! It could therefore register all their phones - except me. I should not hesitate to foreign police and confirm the stamp somehow me there. And as if that was not been annoying enough, I then for the first time ordered the wrong food. Noodle casserole with many small mushrooms in a plus bad and expensive restaurant, which was very reminiscent of fast food. But well... we finally have indeed a great apartment!
Finally... the weekend was great, I 've since Thursday every day drinking beer (yes... on the frequency of many beers I rate from now on my weekends ), was always in the evening on the way, and yet... I wanted the orientation week finally begins. And now it was time. Considering that there are over 100 students in the Facebook group, they talked about the next cheapest Ferry Cairnryan Belfast trip.
Welcome Breakfast appeared. But it was great. Çay and coffee to drink, white bread, honey, cheese... all there. And I do not even eat breakfast so otherwise. The strengthening was doing quite well... but then we ran namely a half hours on the campus. On the one I have in retrospect still have no idea where that is and the Second... Was it hot today! The whole last free days only rain and no sooner have we program : pure sun. Would have been nice to go for the weekend, so I could have spent at least a day at the beach. That was, yes, but literally into the water.
During the subsequent joint sitting together then came the question: Where do you live now? And some think really after about setting up a WG. So do I. Because the rents are low in Izmir, just in our district - Bornova - and above all: We must receive visitors, come whenever we want and such jokes. We'll see if the next few days giving.
In the evening : big Erasmus party! And who is not listed? Right. I. Because I was the whole day just tired, had lain down and slept promptly. Small note, though: oversleeping means in this case to 21 clock. All the students have actually agreed already at 19:30 clock! I think I was never so early at a party. And I was actually even now continue not because I 'm so sleepy...

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