Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

Nowy Swiat in Poland

On the way to the metro, I'm still trying to buy phone credit. Unfortunately, the woman has only 50 credit... that seems to me to be a bit much to start with. I now therefore get into the metro, get off at Ratusz and walk from there. And somehow I completely forgot how long this road was still the same.
To five to six I enter then said souvenir shop. The woman in it looks at me a bit annoyed, but let me go into the back room. There seems to me a type opposite, leaves the room and comes but when I look at the cards and remains standing in the doorway. And stares at me. I turn around several times, the guy does not disappear. And I could now ill ask him why he does so. Just about my Polish is then not. A little later another man comes into the back room and told me something in Polish. Of course I do not understand what he then will notice soon and says in English that they close now and I want to please leave the store in order to look for car Ferry Dover Dunkirk .
So I go out and think again: Where can I get this postcard? That can not be that hard. I run into Nowe Miasto still high ( Neustadt ), but even there I can not find anything. But I'll make it here, to buy me credit. I am so against the seller and stammer in Polish:“. Heyah I need... for... um... twenty zloty“ He understands me, he handed me such a card.... I 'm proud of myself and looked at Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam videos!
Then the idea: Nowy Swiat is but also a tourist area... also is there a tourist info... determined to get as postcards. So I through the entire Nowe Miasto Stary and Nowy Swiat to the back and up. On the Plac Zamkowy was then first fully the bike action. Full built many bikes and also some tents and boxes. Unfortunately, I was again not able to ask what's going on. That is, ask I might still can, but the answer I would not have understood.
So I Nowy Swiat the down. Unfortunately, far and wide to discover not a postal card business. I arrive at the tourist info over... closed. I'm beginning to doubt this city. Thats why I might take a car Ferry Dover Calais trip.
Sometime it 's enough for me. I from bending and put myself on the way to the metro Swietokrzyska. After I 'm gone hours through the city, I'm coming to a bookstore over... and... who would have thought... postcards! I 'll buy thirteen pieces. Later, it turns out that I had fifteen to buy, but I can catch up later.
My next thought: Starting to McDonalds in Warsaw. I want a cheeseburger now. Or even a Big Mac. Immediately! So I over the crossing over. And then when Mekken is a snake. Despondent fall off my shoulders. So I do not but for Mekken.
Now I find myself on the side of the road directly across from the Metro. And exactly at the moment the lights go out. A policeman directs traffic, cars honking and suddenly bike action! Quite a lot of cyclists. Hundreds. No chance to get to the other side of the street. Sometime I get it after all. And after hours of sitting Umhertingelns finally in the web. With wash gel, dish soap, balances and... yes... even postcards.

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