Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Monreal is a great place

The following path was quite difficult because it went up and down and the dew just would not dry. The loamy soil did the rest. Before Stiergut Olay, we decided not to go further on the sticky floor and are resorting to the parallel road and moved on to Izco. In the bar we bought water because the wells nothing blazes. Then we had to go through four valleys and over three hills with a lot of cattle on the farms until Monreal came into view. It was unclear as to which way we should go to the village.
But Olli always finds the correct turn. We came to the village over an old pilgrim bridge. The hostel was closed. So we went next door to the bar, it took some time until the operator is " outed " as a concurrent Hospitalera. The hostel was not closed. The door jammed. For this reason, but we had already enjoyed a beer enema before showering. Also I found a card of the Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam Boat.
We were able to complete the formalities then already and are welcome by the other pilgrims, occupancy of beds, showers and laundry hung on the " Carretera " went to dinner at a restaurant. 20.30 clock but was too late and we have returned to a Bocadillo pequeno and a few olives in the bar. There, the villagers sat in soccer and game boards. We took a bottle of wine and a bag of chips and are back to the hostel and looked at cheapest Ferry Rosslare Cherbourg offers for next year.
The diary had to be written. The other guests were a couple from Dissen aT, a pilgrim from Berlin, who had stayed before us in Arres, but had made on the way to Monreal a detour to Foz de Lumbier to view the vulture colonies and a grumpy older Hispanic.
Load bubbles I had now on both feet. In addition to pain but I had no march performance limitations. 130 km in four days with 13 kg baggage must surely be rewarded. In the hostel, the old movie theater is said to have been found. It is well renovated, in any case, even if everything is open up and pull any cooking fumes in the sleeping area.
The sullen Spaniard 's going on already at 06.00 clock. I have not heard since I was wearing the ear plugs from 02.30 clock. At night it was very warm and I took the opportunity, in the morning at 07.00 clock to go into the shower. Before I tested of course if there is hot water. This is not always the case, as is frequently turned off, the gas in the night.
A vegetable broth for breakfast, boiled water on the stove, and a small chat with the Dissenern and Berlin. At 08.00 clock, we started walking. Until after Tiebas the way was normal with slight inclines. We then decided to take the alternative but very well-marked route. It was also noted by large signs, only for the Camino de Santiago, on diversions due to construction on the Canal de Navarra. This channel is an impressive structure for irrigation of agricultural land.
There are newly created, some streets in the course of this building. Unfortunately, this also disappear historic tours of the Camino. Very dusty but despite traffic, very interesting. Macchiehaine, oak, gorse, heather and many flowers. In Muruarte de Reta we were finally able to pass under the motorway and then follow a more solitary way. Uphill and down hills with lots of sun.

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